How long will it take to complete a website?

Delivery time is reliant on two factors, current backlog MGC has as well as complexity of the project. On average MGC is able to complete a simple site in 1-2 months, this is also dependent on receiving any necessary information and content from the client. MGC does not promise 1-2 months on every project, time estimates will be provided prior to the start of all projects.

How much does a logo cost?

This is dependent on the work required. If creating completely from scratch the price starts at $200 which includes 3 revisions. If a general logo only requiring tweeking exists the price may be less, if purchasing other services from MGC a bundling discount may be available. Please contact for further details.

Are there any recurring costs?

The only recurring costs with most projects would be domains or hosting plans. These can be paid monthly but are usually billed yearly. Purchasing a domain and/or hosting from MGC is not necessary however both are required for a website to be visible to the public so purchasing both from someone would be necessary. Hosting prices are displayed on the hosting page I charge $20 for any domain that is not considered a “premium domain” please contact me to find out if your desired domain is a premium domain (most are not).

How much does a website cost?

This is my most common question but most difficult to answer. MGC creates custom websites for each client the cost of a website depends on the requirements of the client. A very basic information type website starts at $800, depending on what is required the price may go up from there. Please contact me regarding your site for a free quote.

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